The History

The Dairy FArm of John and Mary McEwenSeven Sisters Bed & Breakfast at McEwen Falls is located on the land that once held a dairy farm belonging to Hostess' Grandparents, John and Mary McEwen. The Bed & Breakfast is named after the seven daughters they had. Although the farmhouse and the barn burned a number of years ago, area residents still remember the dairy that was once on the property. On display in the B & B are McEwen Dairy milk bottles as well as paintings of the farm before and after expansions. Historically, John McEwen had the first milking parlor in Mercer County; at the dairy's height, John McEwen milked his own Jersey cows, bottled the milk, sold it door to door in the local area, and then - in the 1940's - began pasteurizing the milk.

McEwen Farm 1964

The bedrooms feature a variety of pictures of the seven McEwen sisters, the 60-acre farmland, and some of the wild animals that live there. The wooded ravine reminds those visiting the farm of Cook Forest State Park, in central Pennsylvania, because of the old growth trees. The slate-bottomed stream that runs through the ravine offers small waterfalls as it gurgles toward the 20-foot waterfall. Guests can walk the low-impact trails* to get a closer view of the stream, ravine and waterfall. The waterfall, which is directly behind the B & B, can be heard from the deck and yard areas of the house most of the year, but grows quiter as the dry summer season approaces.

The Bed and Breakfast offers three bedrooms, with private baths, to stay in and enjoy the scenery.

Other areas for the guests to enjoy are the 2-story Heritage Great Room, the Meadow's Fern Sunroom, the Great Horned Owl Dining Room, and the Wooded Ravine Deck. In addition to these rooms, the guests are welcomed each morning to scents and tastes of a home-cooked breakfast.

Caldwell One Room SchoolhouseThe location is 7 miles south of Greenville and 9 miles north of Mercer, 1/2 mile off route 58. Turn west at the Caldwell One Room Schoolhouse and the Christian Community Church (formerly St. Johns Church), toward New Hamburg. We are 1/2 mile on the left at 810 Hamburg Road.

The ravine, waterfall, bedrooms and two-story great room, surrounded by 60 acres of farmland and woods provide each guest's stay with quietness and peacefulness giving time to calm oneself from a busy life. We look forward to seeing you and serving the community.

Gene & Jayne Mays, Innkeepers